We are one

by gaytaylor



Wouldn’t take long to count the number of openly gay students at Taylor University last year, and wouldn’t take more than one one finger, according to the testimony of one current TU student. “Last year, we had only one “out-of-the-closet” homosexual student as far as I knew,” says a Taylor student who reviews his college on the college resource guide website, unigo. The author (a third-year physics/math education major) says:

He lived on my wing and I didn’t act like anything was different about him. The sad part about it was, a lot of students felt like it was taboo to talk with/about him since he was openly gay at a Christian school. I didn’t like this, because Christians believe all people are sinner, and in that light his “sin” was being homosexual. In a biblical sense this doesn’t make him any different than me or the people that ignored him. I became upset with the fact that some “christians” treated him differently than any other kid on campus. Thankfully, the majority of the student body agree with how I felt about the subject, and treated him no differently.

Tough to be in the spotlight. Tough to be singled out as the gay poster child on a conservative evangelical college campus. Hard for me to fathom what that’s like, me who hid so effectively from myself that I stumbled along a long, long while before admitting the truth to myself, let alone to anyone else. I wonder what it would be like to be so self-aware so soon. I wonder what it is to be an openly gay student on Taylor’s campus nowadays. The openly gay student.

You and I know there are many more lgbt students on campus than one lone student the author refers to. Too bad the term “lone” suits them as well as I suspect it does.