Our neighbors to the north

by gaytaylor


I scan the internet, searching for conjoined references to Taylor University and gay. I might as well be looking for my mother in a gay bar on a Saturday night.

Taylor is mentioned in a post included in the archives of The Huntingtonian, student newspaper of Huntington University, Taylor’s neighbor to the north in Huntington, Indiana, and a liberal arts college similar in focus and faith practice. This three-year-old post notes that Taylor, like Huntington, prohibits homosexual behavior on campus. A recent graduate is frank about his struggle with same-sex attraction, and clear in voicing his opinion that students put up false fronts. (I have a hard time imagining my alma mater admitting as much in print.)

Another related article reports on a panel discussion which included a former Taylor student who chooses not to honor his same-sex attractions, but to devote himself instead to Christian service. These are not such earth-shattering stories as might disturb the faithful or compel them to cut off donations to the school. But at the very least, they serve to publicly recognize that lgbt issues are abroad in the world and can serve as a topic of discussion for today’s students.

OK, so what most catches my eye is an opinion piece by editor-in-chief Tabitha Truax in which she calls for meaningful engagement and dialogue on the subject of homosexuality. Bravo, Tabitha. Bravo, Huntington University for publishing a call to think. A little step, and from such little steps long journeys are made.