If I were to open that door, what awaits me? [ part 1 ]

by gaytaylor



The picture I wanted to use here (but can’t find with usage rights) is titled, “Unbroken seal to a room within King Tut’s tomb, Harry Burton.” I shivered when I saw it. Even in so somber/sacred a place as a royal tomb, there are locked doors, barred closets, seals set about with fearsome curses to stop the casual person from daring open them. before coming out I carried around one such sealed door; I lived behind it, in its shadow; in its darkness. It bears taking a moment to think about the sealed doors/locked passages/gateways/threshholds in our experience of the world.

We are all the time opening doors in our lives. Some seem important at the time. Others reveal their significance only upon later reflection.

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Photo by documentarist at flickr.com