Desire’s Long Neck

by gaytaylor


My husband and I watch a bit of Matthew Bourne‘s Swan Lake, the 1996 version with Adam Cooper as The Swan. I don’t find the male chest and back the hottest part of a man (or swan), but I cannot help but be glued to the power and presence of Cooper’s bare chested Swan as he meets the Prince on the lake and they dance. Cooper is such a strong force, so accomplished a dancer, and his Swan is a powerful presence—powerful male presence. The two meet and caress and hold and touch and fly towards and away from each other. Desire hangs in the air between them. Or whatever one calls that which thrums between a man and a bird . . . or a man and and man dancing the part of a bird.

Desire stretches its long neck through the dvd, through the years, through the monitor screen and grips me in tis thrall. What is it I want? Not to touch per se—time, distance and more prohibits that outright. To appreciate, to admire, to hold in some more intangible way.

Photo courtesy Andy Cardiff,

When did you feel the call of Desire today?