Love lands like snow in April

by gaytaylor


We had snow on Palm Sunday this year, and on Monday and Tuesday of the week leading up to Easter. Mother Nature dropped more than a half-foot of the white stuff on Taylor’s campus.

Now again over this past weekend. A lighter dusting this time, and enough to make us sit up and take notice.

Live in Indiana long enough and you get use to changeable weather. The saying goes, “Don’t like the weather in Indiana? Wait 15 minutes.”

Me, I like snow. Like love, it covers a multitude of sins. It softens the landscape, points up the stark beauty of leafless trees.

Like love, snow can leave you out in the cold. Can be remorseless. Can complicate your life, even as it adds interest and beauty.

Can catch you by surprise. Can make you wince. Can put a smile on your face.

And there’s no explaining it. Snow happens, even in mid-April in Indiana. Sometimes later.

Gay love happens in Indiana, too. Even in mid-life, sometimes later. Sometimes when we least expect it. Happy are we who can see the beauty in it. Can celebrate its arrival, even as we refuse to grab it and hold it forever in our hot little hands.

Gay love–whether or not it exists in a category different from the garden variety–is to be celebrated, appreciated, noticed.

What unexpected aspect of lgbt love has caught you by surprise? Your neighbors?

For action (or penance): Find a way—right now—to say thank you for the love that has fallen into your life.

Photo: Lenten roses in our front yard this week