“The Boston bomber is hot.” Reason for outrage or a lesson to learn?

by gaytaylor

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No matter what Hollywood and Big Advertising would tell me, I learn (once again) that looks are no guarantee of character. I note some bloggers are expressing outrage that anyone say aloud she thinks the younger suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is hot. Well, here’s a “he” saying he thinks Johar is cute. But as the hot man’s alleged actions indicate, looks aren’t everything. (Why is it my default reaction to think they are?) I learn again my grandmother’s teaching: “pretty is as pretty does.”

When was a recent time you judged a person on looks alone? How’d that work for you? When was a recent time you were judged on your appearance?

For action (or penance): Find the beauty in something ugly. Look at the dog crap on the sidewalk and think of its potential to foster growth. Or vice versa: look at a flower and see the dog crap that fertilized its beauty.

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(Photos compiled my me from our local paper. And yes, Johar is person “D”)