Picture this: Men in love pictured in this conservative Christian university’s alumni magazine.

by gaytaylor


I about dropped my teeth when I spotted this photograph in the most recent issue of the alumni magazine of my alma mater, Taylor University. It’s traditional Alumni Notes fare: a photo taken at the wedding of recent graduates, including the array of alumni and alumnae who attended. I had to look twice to find the bride and groom (they’re not standing beside each other), but what really knocked my socks off was spotting the male couple in the back row, one who has his arms wrapped around the other in an embrace that looks like more than brotherly love.

Stunning. My conservative Protestant alma mater going so far as to publish in its own magazine evidence that same-sex love might exist in the world? Might be celebrated right along with heterosexual marriage?

Surely this photo got by the censors . . . or maybe hell really has frozen over.

Never thought I’d see the day.