After all, we’re to let our light so shine, not beat others over the head with our bedlamps

by gaytaylor

I don’t know how you feel about including side B (traditional sexual ethics) folks in the conversation. I commented here as “Neo” a while back, but ever since I started blogging on Spiritual Friendship I’ve switched to my real name. I graduated from TU in 2009, and I should finish up a Ph.D. this coming May. I’m bisexual myself, and currently single. Being that I’m side B, the only marriage I am open to would be to a woman.

I noticed that Veronica mentioned Choros. I’m glad they have that now. I actually spoke there back in March.

It’s even possible that I could end up back at TU in a faculty position in the future, assuming I don’t become number six among guys I know who have been fired or denied employment at Christian institutions on account of their sexuality, despite being side B and celibate. If I do end up there, I hope I can do things to advance the conversation.

Anyway, if something happens with alumni, I’m interested to hear about it and possibly participate. Although I won’t hide what I believe, I won’t try to subvert the purpose of a group or to proselytize for my viewpoint. However, I understand completely if you’d rather have private efforts that are limited to more like-minded people.



Welcome back, Jeremy. Regarding a welcome to join the conversation, I think (un)common courtesy goes a long way. Thanks for putting yourself out (ahem) there, er, here. Following up on your initial post, I ordered and a copy of Justin’s book T o r n, describing his efforts at reconciling his gay sexuality and Christian beliefs. It’s written in fervent heartfelt style. While I appreciate this, I found myself unmoved by much of what he has to say when it comes to twining his sexuality with religious beliefs. I struggled that struggle for far too long to take it up again for myself or to wish it on anyone else. I am not in the place you are; I choose to direct my energies elsewhere and to other matters.

May we each and all find and follow a path with heart.

There is wisdom in living and letting live, in not subverting or proselytizing. It’s a tough enough job to live according to one’s own lights; we needn’t complicate matters by trying to live others’ lives for them. Here or elsewhere.

There is cause to speak truth to power, stand against injustice, empower the powerless. To live and love as best we know how. To stay open to wonder and surprise.

May you find employment suited to your temperament and ways of being in the world. May you live a life of integrity, wherever that takes you. May we live so long as to see Christian institutions repent of the wrongs they perpetrate in the name of Christ and strive to make amends.

Photo by AlicePopkorn