An alumni group for LGBT Taylor grads? Well now.

by gaytaylor

I am so glad to have found your blog. I have been searching for other lgbt Taylor alums recently…as you noted, we are hard to find. I came out as lesbian a couple years after graduating, part of a larger process of learning to ask questions and allow myself space to experience doubt. I very much relate to your thoughts. I would love to connect with you via facebook or email. I’ve been thinking about trying to start an lgbt alumni group that could support current lgbt taylor students 


transguyjay flickr-com

Sometimes I think lgbt people speak a language known only to themselves. Sarah, you toss off so casually, “I came out a couple of years after leaving Taylor.” Perhaps it was so simple a matter for you; yet I read in the spaces between those words a whole history, imagine a tale entwined in the years at Upland, those couple of years beyond, then an unfurling, a bursting into life in a new way. Did your time at Taylor prepare you for coming out? Did it hinder you, slow your movement toward that event? What messages did you receive from the Taylor community regarding lgbt persons? Did you have an inkling you would soon or someday count yourself among them?

You say you’re interested in starting an alumni group for lgbt-alumni (and their allies, perhaps?) with the aim of offering support to current Taylor students. Do you have an idea of what that support would look like? What would you have or did you wish for along these lines while you were a student? What kind of support might an alumni group offer that would be valuable? (A few leap to my mind: Presence. Heightened awareness. Education. Advocacy. Role models.)

I imagine there’s be precious little support from the university proper for such an effort. Perhaps active resistance. Maybe I do the school’s administration a disservice to think they’d react in so stereotypical a fashion. Perhaps they’d be much more nuanced in their reaction that what I’m giving them credit for. Somehow I doubt it.

What drives your motivation to reach out, to be visible, to be heard and or felt? What systems of support do you have around you to aid you in this proposed effort? What connections can you count on?

I think it’s a worthy endeavor this one you’re contemplating. I think it has potential for offering support, connection, visibility and more.

photo courtesy transguyjay