Come ye thankful people, (ahem) come

by gaytaylor

Thanksgiving. In this country a traditional time for family gatherings and gatherings of thanks. It has set me thinking:

My family has had a tough time with my coming out gay. I am thankful we grapple with issues of substance.

Both my parents are now dead; we did not reconcile over this issue while they lived. I am grateful to have the sense that my father has since made some strides toward acceptance, my mother not so much.

I came out gay; my children will have nothing to do with me. I am thankful they have the courage of their convictions.

It’s been years since our divorce. Still my former wife communicates with me (when she does) via her attorney. I am thankful to have been able to reconstruct a life in which her reactions to me no longer figure so prominently as they once did.

To one of my siblings I am anathema. I am grateful for those family members who will still talk with me, grateful to have found acceptance by more distant relations at extended family reunions.


The coming out process called me to examine and restructure my beliefs, my life, living and loving, I am grateful to find myself in the happiest place I have ever been in my life, to have survived (what was for me) the turmoil and upset, to have tasted incredible peace, and to continue to flourish within and without.

My husband of lo these several years loves me, cares for me, and partners with me in creating a world of love and acceptance within our home and circles of influence. For this I am profoundly grateful.


photo credit: phostezel,