Oyez, oyez

by gaytaylor


Tickled I am to receive notes from various persons who stumble across this blog. I am heartened to hear from people who wish along with me for my conservative alma mater to be willing to take a hard long look at some assumptions, prejudices, biases and religious beliefs that get in the way of the institution pursuing stated goals and aspirations.

Sometimes I pretend I am the only lgbt person to have graduated Taylor University who still feels anything for the place, who dares have pie-in-the-sky hopes the place will some day embrace her/his/its lgbt graduates, current students and staff. I am proven wrong nearly every time someone drops me a note privately or via the blog.

As one correspondent said today, “there is an appetite among some students to have a different sort of conversation on this issue than may have happened in the past.”

Hear, hear.

May our number increase.