Speak Out: we LGBTIQ Taylor U alumni and allies can make our voices heard

by gaytaylor


Gradually, queer voices are making themselves heard across the Christian college landscape. Taylor University is not the only evangelical educational institution to find itself promoting messages and policies harmful to the psyche and spirit of students. I was on the OneWheaton site recently and am inspired by what other college alumni are doing to reach out to current students. I’ve long felt a need for this with regards to Taylor, and have been involved in past efforts to connect. I’m willing to step forward and see where the path might lead in 2014.

My immediate thoughts: explore the interest, network and connect with Taylor Uinversity alumni, lgbtiq-identified and allies. Now that we’ve found ourselves, let’s find each other. Then let’s collaboratively reach out to current students, offering a message of hope and acceptance different than that espoused on Taylor’s campus. All this not in a combative spirit, but in sincere concern, genuine regard and the perspective that lived experience gives.

We might include an open letter to current students, along the lines of the one posted at One Wheaton, that one signed by over 600 alumni, both lgbt persons and allies.

We might include our own stories as testimony to what we’ve learned about ourselves and integrating our varying sexualities into our lives as whole persons.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, please email me a note to that effect: lgbtu2@gmail.com

United, our voice will be better heard.


This effort is not endorsed by Taylor University. But you knew that.

This photo has been modified. the original is by Rick von Glahn, Rickvg at flikr.com, 2006. No endorsement made or intended by the photographer or subjects.