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Month: March, 2014

What else I might say—if asked—to an LGBT student at Taylor University

credit; Beth Jusino, flickrActually,  I might not say anything at all. Rather I might suggest, “Keep your ears open as you read this post by a favorite blogger of mine, Esther Emery. She’s writes a letter to a woman called to leadership in a society that isn’t all that sure it wants a woman in leadership. If you can, hear in Esther’s words/warnings/hopes/encouragement an address to the LGBT soul in you, called to stand free and proud and humble and happy and grateful and giving in a society and church and college that is not all that sure it wants to hear your voice, or face the fear felt when you are seen.

Esther begins with these words:


I don’t know exactly who you are. Maybe a young woman, just now stepping out into your life. Maybe a mother or a crone, entering a new phase of your authority. Maybe just my beautiful dominant four-year-old, who is ready right now to start setting the world to rights.
But I know something. I know this. You are called.
You are called to stand up, speak up, use your voice. You are called to the front of the room. You are named. And you are called.
Rise up.

The darkness does not want you to use your voice. You are so full of light. The darkness will tell you that you are too much.

Too loud.

Too greedy.

Too masculine.

Too angry.

Too emotional.

Sometimes you will believe this. Sometimes you will try to make yourself small, and quiet. Sometimes you will hurt yourself trying to be small and quiet.

Do this with me. Walk outside and look up to the sky. Reach your hands up to the wide, expansive sky, far above the crowdedness and the jostling. There is room for you up there. There is room for every bit of you up there.
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What I might say—if asked—to an LGBT student at Taylor University


The world is bigger than you imagine. The heart of the divine is vaster than you can know. What people tell you are the rules are not, except for these two: “Know thyself” and “Moderation in all things.” The world you seek must be born within you, created out of your own essence, your spirit, your heart. You are good. You are good as you are. You are not nearly so bad as you think you are. Nor quite so stunning, either. At the close of day, the simplest things are the most amazing. This, too, shall pass. And probably be transformed into its opposite.

photo credit: Tiffany Terry, flickr

photo credit: Tiffany Terry, flickr