The Village Border—& Beyond


Taylor University’s iconic Rice Bell Tower gets an imaginative makeover in this photo illustration. The university, an Christian evangelical liberal arts college, maintains a low public profile on LGBT issues, illustrating for me the truism “SiILENCE = DEATH.” As such, my alma mater has come to represent for me the response of many former friends and voices of religious authority in my life.


Yet life itself—and my life as a gay man in rural Indiana—has offered me the best education, one brimming with opportunity to learn lessons far greater in breadth and depth than  those offered at the little college in Upland, the one whose school song begins, “Far beyond the village border . . . .” Life (and the college and the church) pushed me beyond the borders of my comfort zone, my religion-bound notions of how things ought to be. I continue to be schooled in the lessons this experience offers, this LGBTU of the soul.